Luiz Portela

Co-Founder, Creative Director & Composer

Partner, creative director, conductor, multi-instrumentalist, diver, underwater photographer and fascinated by the shapes and sounds of nature. More than 30 years of experience diving deep into everything he does. @luizsoundzilla

Andrea Nero

Executive Business Director & Head Of Sales

Executive Director and Head of Sales, she is an advertising professional and has been managing audiovisual, content, advertising and cinema projects for over 20 years. @andreanero

Cris Marquesi

Business Account Manager

Customer Service Manager, advertiser, she went through some image producers until she found herself in the musical universe where she has been for more than 15 years. @crismarquesi

Demián González Petrich

Senior Music Producer & Composer

Musician, guitarist, composer, producer, arranger and sound sensation seeker, he maintains music, cinema and nature. You can find it on instagram @depetrich

Clara Portela

Music Producer, Sound Designer & Composer

Pianist, composer and music producer. On YouTube, "Viagem Sonora" you can find songs written by her to meditate and relax. You can find your creation process on instagram @viagemsonora

Pedro Portela

Music Producer, Sound Designer & Beatmaker

Beatmaker, composer, rapper and music producer. "Maverick - Vol 1" their first album was recorded with the band Symposium. Listen to his beats on Instagram @portelabeatz_ and on Youtube Portela Beatz.

Kika Forjaz

Audio Coordinator

20 years in music production coordination, leads the production team alongside Luiz Portela for 10 years. @kikaforjaz

Evelyn Oliveira

Project Manager

Born in Rio de Janeiro, with an MBA in marketing, she has worked in audiovisual for 11 years for agencies and production companies in Rio de Janeiro and is now Project Manager for Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. @lynoli


Sales Account

Advertiser, singer, songwriter and musician, he worked for companies such as Newell, ESM- Sports Marketing and AmBev until he found himself in music production. @tromofficial